Monday, August 29, 2011

Nabeel Al Ansari, your dark history is all revealed here

Translated from (Arabic version):

Nabeel Al Ansari has traveled to the Soviet Union in the seventies to study medicine, settling in a city known by Volgograd. He was very introverted since his school days, with very few friends and suffered mainly from his roommate who was kicking him out the shared room every time the friend’s girlfriend was staying over, causing him a lot of psychological issues. His performance was dropping down below average and was repeating some courses several times. As time passed by, he has grown more recluse and as a result ended up marrying a Chechnyan lady whom he had his first child from, on several occasions he was called upon by the police for domistic violence as he was beating up his wife to the extent that his wife’s family threated him time and again. Soon afterwards they were seperated leaving his first child unsupported.

After completing his studies in the soviet union, he returned to Bahrain with an intetion to work in a department other than the ER (Emergency Room) but because of his low performance, he was appointed in the ER, as back then, during 1984 and 1985 the ER was run by general doctors and not necessarily ER specialized, with not s many Bahranies. The ER was headed by an American doctos called “Yaqoubian” who has arranged for Dr. Ansari to study Emergency Medicine as there werent any Bahrainies with this specialisation. At the same time, Dr. Jassim Al Muhaza was also sent to do his specialisation.

Nabeel spent 7 years in attempt to get the Canadian Degree in Emergency Medicine, yet he failed because he wasn’t able to pass the Canadian Board Qualifying Exam, four times in a row which are the maximum number of attempts allowed. Therefore, he was given a training acknowledgement only. And returned empty handed as a resident doctor only.

He was a troublesome colleague at the Salmania hospital, and had many issues with his patients as well, leaving work without prior notice when was assigned as a shift supervisor of the ICU, exposing his patients to high risks especially when immediate intervention or attention was required. On a single occasion, he was contacted during his shift, and was found to be dinning with his family at some restaurant, as recited by his cousin (Dr. Samah Al Alawi) who later worked in as a doctor in the same department.

After his manipulation with Al Mehza’a was exposed, Al Ansari left the Emergency Department, leaving it at the same state it was at, with non-Bahraini non-specialized doctors and only a few Bahrainis due to the ministry’s’ negligence to this important department. Some of the Bahraini doctors at the ER were Dr Jassim Al Derazi, Dr Hussain Al Durazi, Dr Roqaya Jaffar, Dr. Sana Al Khawaja, Dr. Rana A.Karim, Dr. Khadija Faroukh, Dr. Menwor Al Huda, Dr Qamar AlZaman, Dr. Mosin Al Oraidh, Dr Eman Al Deen and other Doctors of Indian Nationality. This situation remained as is until 1999-2000 when a few determined doctors joined and intended to change the situation in the emergency room and develop it further. Demanding the Ministry of Health to send them abroad to get specialized in Emergency Medicine – Amongst those doctors were Dr Mohd Aman, Dr. Nadia Ahmed, Dr. Ali Habib, Dr. Samah Al Shaiba, Dr Raed Ebrahim, Dr. Samah Al Alawi, Dr Eyad Al Khawaja, Dr Jihad Rajab, Dr Mahmoud Al Fardan, Dr Mohsin Sharaf, Dr Radhi Tajj (who passed away because of Lymphatic Cancer ) Dr Mohd Al Asfour, Dr Amjad obaid – following several other doctors joined the department which we will mentioned in the subsequent parts of this report, the anguish of some of them, the consipericies and how Bandar Gate Conspiracy was applied in this department to get rid of many of the above mentioned doctors and marginalize them.

Those new joining doctors started to realize the prejudice that was being practiced against the Emergency Room doctors, who have worked for years in the ER yet without any progression plans or hope for change. Those new generation doctors, especially Dr. Mohd Al Asfoor, Dr. Mahmoud Al Fardan and Dr. Ali Habib who have raised the importance of developing the ER in the Ministry of Health, by assigning ER consultants, sending doctors to get specialized in the emergency medicine and to the 3 years training program abroad. For a period of time those doctors were trying to convince Dr A.Aziz Hamza to approve and support this progression plan for the ER department, who got promoted afterwards to be the ministry undersecretary due to his significant appearance in the media after the Gulf Air plane crash. Dr A.Aziz Hasan – Pediatric Sergeon- who ,with all respect, wasn’t fully qualified to lead the ER department was then appointed to head the ER. Amongst the ER administrators was also Dr. Ali Saleh who was a Vascular Surgeon and remained in the ER without a title until was appointed as the head of medical committees.

It is noted that there is a lot of bureaucratic corruption in the ER department, yet across all levels without any discrimination or sectarianism, This corruption was mainly led by Ahmed Al Am, the administrator, who was appointed a private office yet without any related qualifications, and during the recent events his relation and contacts with the security institutes in the country has surfaced, indicating more about his corruption besides the sudden change in his financial status.

With all those issues, the doctors in the ER demanding changes and progression in the department were trying to find a channel to convey the importance of the ER department, specially that all the channels sought were blocked in their faces. Until it was announced in 2002, about the initiation of a program called the Arabic Board Program for Emergency Medicine, which was a complete failure on all aspects for the reason that it consisted of a 4 year training program lacking Emergency Medicine Consultants to lead this program, 2 of the 4 years would be spent training in external departments such as surgery, internal medicine, ophthalmology and pediatrics departments, followed by a validation exam. Most of the program attendees were mainly concerned with just passing the exam rather focus on the training as well. It is also significant to mention that it was quite difficult to get an approval to join this program, leave the ER department for two years to join in training the other mentioned departments mainly because there was a shortage in the attending doctors in the ER department.

During those times, these ambitious doctors contacted Dr Nabeel Al Ansari, who was working in Abu Dhabi in Sheikh Zayed Hospital as a consultant, believing he would be able to assist them in conveying their demands to the Minister of Health, who was Dr. Khalil Hasan back then. Dr Nabeel returned afterwards successfully to Bahrain and worked in his private clinic during 2003 – it was only discovered later that he had returned to Bahrain because he was suspended from Abud Dhabi, during the time, the doctors in ER weren’t aware of this suspension and demanded the Minister of Health to return Dr Al Ansari to the ER department believing he would be their salvation and be able to demand some serious enhancements to the ER. They were successful in returning him to the Salmania ER Department, without realizing that he then became The Trojan Horse, who conspired to expel most of those doctors who supported his return to Salmania.

Here starts the important part of this report which I will continue at a later stage.


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